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End of the FAD diet.

Updated: Apr 5, 2020

A good old bowl of my Brother's Salmon Pho

I’ve been there, I’ve googled how to loose 4lbs over night before going on holiday. I’ve just wanted the extra podge- GONE, NOW. But, as I’ve grown up I guess, and been through enough that I have started to plan ahead for this. This means, stopping the fad diet EXCUSE, and eating healthily (and I mean actually healthy, balanced diet) and exercising as much as I can, all year. Fad diets don’t work, lets face it, drinking only water and shakes all day everyday for 3 weeks, and then going back to your normal eating is just craziness. And won’t work long term. And it’s also crazy to use the excuse- the diet will start tomorrow.

It’s honestly really simple. Real food, with no ingredients, in proper portions. Exercising reguarly, which will boost your mood, your energy and as you build muscle it will burn more calories than your fat. You’ll never feel desperately guilty and have to starve yourself for a week before your holiday, or eat all the food in the house ready for your diet starting tomorrow. Just eat properly all the time. Fresh, whole, balenced food. If you need to loose weight, to loose a pound we have to burn, or not intake 3,500 calories. Lower your calorie intake slowly to a good level, rather than cutting out food you want. If you want chocolate, have two cubes of good quality dark chocolate and go to the gym rather than scoffing the whole bar (I’m not saying to have two cubes of chocolate you have to go to the gym, it just helps curb the guilt!) This way also ensures you'll never have to "diet" again!

So, we as women have to change how we see ourselves. A good body shouldn’t be about how good it looks, it should be about how good it feels, and how healthy you are which ironically in turn often relates to looking good. Why can’t we look up to strong healthy women that do amazing physical feats, rather than super skinny clothes horses. Healthy women have healthy skin and hair. Malnourished women don’t. Exercise is also a really simple, super effective way to beat depression and give you more get up and go…

So can we just stop doing the fad diets and simply switch all the time, to the long term, sustainably healthy eating, with no diets and with a good amount of movement. Eating properly will make you feel really good, going on a run will make you feel amazing (runner’s high) and you’ll have energy and be happier. It won’t shed the pounds instantly, but it will do it in a sustainable manner, and you’ll be far happier, just be patient!

So plan ahead for every single holiday you’ll ever go on, your wedding, bumping into your ex, etc, and be happy and healthy now.

P.S. I'm not promising that I have a perfect body through this method. But I ate normally over Christmas (I didn't pig but I didn't hold back) and I exercised regularly between Xmas and New Year. Now, I'm doing excatly the same, have maintained my weight and I'm now feeling really sorry for everyone on the juice diet complaining about it. During the peak of my gym-ing last year, I was in the same fitness bracket as top athletes, a size 10, and I didn't feel like a super model but I was bloody healthy and looking back, I should have felt more of a super model then!

"Real food doesn't have ingredients. Real food IS ingredients" -Jamie Oliver


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