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The End of the Working Year

As we approach Christmas, it's time to wind down, take stock and relax.

Our final official work day is Friday 21st December and we will then be taking time away from the business of campaigning for change, until 2019. We'll be planning and writing throughout the Christmas Period.

Making Roots over 2018

This year we have produced 70 blog posts on a range of subjects from plastic free minimalism and self care. The range of blog posts reflect how sustainability is such an engrained part of many aspects of our everyday lives.

Our most popular viewer locations are The United Kingdom, Australia, America, Malaysia and The Philippines, reflecting some of the big economies and also our own locations throughout the year. Most of our traffic comes through Instagram- which has been our biggest focus this year.

Our most popular blog post of the year, was the open water diving course discussion. Popular topics overall included plastic free, minimalism and topics around food. The biggest issue of the year, and by far the most popular topic, is Plastic! We're pleased that one of our posts reached 33,000 people and got 2.1k likes!

Next year we are going to expand our social media use. Although this is a contentious issue for us personally, with time away from social media appreciated, it is very important to create an educational and positive channel on environmental lifestyles.

We have a number of projects dependant on funding for 2019- and we hope that we are able to bring you these ideas into next year.

Us over 2018

We have grown so much this year, and I cannot even put into words how much I love doing this work full time. I count my blessings every morning to do something I adore and gives me so much fulfilment.

My low B12 during The Philippines has dragged out a few health complaints and Christmas in The UK with my family seems like the ideal time to wind back work for a while and relax by the fire! Conservation in the field takes quite a physical toll- and we'll be bringing you more on this next year! So until the New Year, I am going to take time to do the writing I adore on less of a deadline. By the fire with a glass of wine...

Making Roots will always be here as a hub and I and guest writers will continue to write. Next year brings changes for us, and we'll keep you up to date as and how they happen. Destination unknown.

The planned Kickstarter Campaign will start in 2019, all things go well.

Last Minute Christmas Tips from Us:

-Drink lots of water! It will prevent you over consuming and you will feel better come January.

- If you're in desperate need of a last minute Christmas gift- think Charity. Green Books in Indonesia, The David Shepherd Foundation and Lang Tengah Turtle Watch are three incredible organisations that I recommend gifting to.

- Take time to slow down. Christmas is the absolute perfect time to slow it down and just enjoy being. Whatever your work, switch off your phone and just enjoy your family for a while.

- Be smart with your waste, try to utilise, freeze and cook up all your Christmas goodies. It's possible to freeze cheese and turkey!

Have a wonderful Christmas Period and see you in 2019.



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