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What's next for us? Personal Update.

Welcome to 2019!

I felt like it was high time that we gave you an update on what precisely we are doing... Although that itself is a bit tricky..

We are currently in The UK. We are both working on projects- full time! This includes plastic awareness and education projects for me and Lee advising on some marine restoration projects to just scrape the surface on what we're up to. We're attending lots of conferences and planning (lots of planning!)

But we are also looking for the next BIG project. This might be a job, a masters/ PhD if the right fit comes up, or it might be pursuing Making Roots opportunities. I am very excited to work in a team environment again, to be honest. I would absolutely LOVE to put everything I have learnt running Making Roots, into another relevant cause. And I am eagerly looking for those special opportunities as a priority. Making Roots will always continue irrelevant of what happens next, it's my own personal constant, my escape. But how much time I can donate to a growing and more hungry business may change- whilst I am solo subsidising.

And this is because we have grown to the point that we desperately need funding to grow anymore! I am working full time, subsidising our very very low outgoings by doing odd work helping my Mum run her business. Making Roots is not only my passion but my career- and to allow us to grow more (apply for grants) and accept volunteer requests that we have started receiving, I need to be able to focus less on the immediate financial concerns.

It might seem ironic then, that at the end of this month we are heading to Australia for Lee's mums 60th Birthday! This is really an important visit for us, as spending time with our families is a number one priority. We work hard, with long days and evenings, much time away from home that if we get a chance to spend time with friends and family, we grab it. In Australia we have a number of exciting projects that we can't wait to bring you. My work is remote, so our location is independent on our work (living the dream?)

One thing I feel right now is a huge amount of gratitude. I am living my dream!! We don't have everything figured out (money!) but I'm not sure anybody ever has 100% of life figured out at a given second, so we're just enjoying what we can!

Over the next little while, I am condensing, planning and focussing on projects. Let us know what sort of content you want to see from us going forward, by emailing- or as usual by DM!


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