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Flea Treatments for Pets is a Major Source of Bee Killing Pollution in UK Streams

The flea treatments we put on our dogs and cats is having a negative impact on British wildlife. Powerful chemicals found in spot on collar treatments for our pets contain chemicals that have been banned from industrial use, due to their links to collapsing bee populations.

The report by Buglife states that greenhouse spraying as insecticides is one possible cause, as the insecticides have been banned for use in farming due to their serious impact on insect life. However, their occurrence in remote streams, popular with walkers such as The Cairngorms suggests dogs swimming in waterbodies after flea treatment may be another cause.

Over the counter flea treatments contain the powerful chemicals- and owners wanting to ensure that they don't treat their dog with the neonicotinoids or Imidacloprid should ask their vet for alternatives. Regular washing of dog bedding is also a great way to keep fleas at bay.

Note: I absolutely adore our girls more than life itself. For a long time we've noticed the girls won't be themselves after their treatments. Poor girls! If keeping our insect life healthy isn't enough motivation to swap flea protection- consider the strong chemicals you are putting on your pets and the potential impact it's having on them.

Here's the report and write up by Buglife if you'd like to know more.


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