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Making Roots T-Shirts... Hemp!

Updated: Apr 13, 2020

We finally have some Making Roots T-Shirts! We wanted some shirts to wear during beach cleans and whilst doing our day to day work- to ensure we could be spotted. We already get a lot of attention during plastic events, so now we're identifiable!

We carefully chose out the material we wanted to use for our t-shirts, and although the next batch may be bamboo, this fist batch are hemp.

Hemp is a natural fibre, meaning its comfortable and breathable. It also means it won't "shed" plastic fibres when washed. (Did you know that polyester pollution is a leading cause of ocean pollution?)

It's also black, in line with our capsule wardrobe theme, and is able to be smart or casual. We also bought the shirt from a tiny hemp clothing seller in The South Melbourne Markets, supporting a local (at the time!) small ethical company.

We love our new t-shirts, thank you to all those requesting to buy a t-shirt for themselves. We will let you know as soon as we do a bulk order!


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