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Our MOST REQUESTED VLOG! How To Use Dish Washing Blocks.

Updated: Apr 13, 2020

Our most requested vlog post ever, is here.

I talk you through how to use a dish washing block. The lovely Barbara sent me this from Little Fox Soapery and I am so impressed at how lathery and effective it is. Not only does it last for AGES (up to 6 months) saving around 4 plastic bottles, it's palm oil FREE, biodegradable, non toxic and SLS free.

Thanks for all the requests for this video. Especially those requests for seeing it used on a monster pile of washing up.. haha! Lee does 99% of our washing up (lucky me) but here's a snapshot using it.

I am genuinely so impressed with the block, if you're a little nervous about trying it, watch the video and give us a message if you have anymore questions!


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