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Seeds make the best gifts! Here's why..

Last year, I got a little parcel from a very dear family friend. Inside, as well as some sweeties, a micro puzzle and some seeds! Again at Christmas I got some seeds and I realised what an amazing gift seeds are! Here is some reasons why I think you should gift seeds!

- They last longer than flowers. They will bloom/ fruit much longer than shop bought cut flowers.

- Avoids carbon footprint of cut flowers. In The UK, we import our fresh flowers from The Netherlands, Spain and sometimes even further afield. Because they have to transported in refrigerated containers, they are carbon intensive. What makes it worse, although flowers are of course pretty, they don't provide us with nutrional benefits ... They are not a necessity. Seeds and growing your own is a great way to avoid this.

- There are seeds to suit all resources. From cress (fun/ small project for a child) to bigger projects like an apple seed!!

- They signify hope! The growing of seeds is (mostly) exciting, watching them grow and bloom.

- They teach a lot... From the practicalities of plant watering and responsibility (especially good for the little-uns in your life) to the circle of life, patience and much more.

- They are a sweet gift for somebody struggling with their mental health. This is of course completely dependant on the struggles somebody is facing (check if you're unsure) but could be a lovely gift that signifies hope and new growth, requires care and is a little project to focus on. Gardening has so much mental health benefits- your gift of seeds could just be the start of a new beginning and new project that your friend needs.

- They could provide food! An awesome little provider for your friends! Isn't it awesome to give some homegrown subsidence to your friends?

- They are mostly plastic free. It's possible to buy seeds in paper packets, if you're worried. If not, don't fear too much. Growing your own veggies or flowers will save a lot of plastic over time. Plus, the foil lined packets can be recycled through terracycle.

- If you gift seeds from your garden that you've cultivated, you are not only providing an epic gift but you are actually supporting seed conservation. If we all plant the seed varieties from the garden centre, we loose absolutely VITAL variations, that might be better suited to your region. Seed Sovereignty is an important issue, that you can read more about here.

I am really passionate about gardening. I am CERTAINLY NOT a good gardener- I have many failures but the act of gardening is what I love. It has so many benefits.

But if you're unsure if seeds are the best gift for your friend, the best thing to do is ASK!


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