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Sprouting Brown Lentils For The First Time: Success!

For the first time, I have decided to sprout lentils. I had heard that sprouting them makes digestion easier, plus I have always loved the taste of sprouted lentils. A tray of sprouts in our local waitrose is £1.50, in a recyclable plastic tray. So we decided to give it a go ourselves with some bog standard brown lentils at less than 1/8 cost per kilo- without so much plastic!

I soaked about half a cup of lentils in cold water for 24 hours, out of the fridge. I then rinsed them, and placed on a flat tray, just slightly moist (eek- but best word for it) and then covered with a muslin. A tea towel works just as well, as does putting in a jar with a muslin over too.

I checked on them, lovingly, and gave a rise every day. By day 4 of the process they had sprouted and day 5 we were eating! They are absolutely delicious, crispy & fresh. I'm really looking forward to sprouting over winter, when we crave fresh food eventually.

And it's really just as simple as that. It look about 20 minutes in total, we got a completely different product from our brown lentils, which we keep in the cupboard anyway, and tried something new. I totally recommend it. Happy sprouting!


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