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Stinging Nettle Pesto

The current season in the UK we would historically be in what was known as the "Hunger Gap". A period between the consumption of all of the winter root veggies and start of the new spring vegetables. Due to our modern food systems and importing from around the globe, we now don't even notice the lack of variety in our diet.

Our supermarket shelves are stocked with produce from across the globe. Some of this with entail a huge carbon footprint- mostly the short shelf life products. What did people used to forage at this time of year for fresh produce? Surely there was something that could tide them over. Nettles!

Sure enough, those buggers that I am currently pulling OUT of our veggie garden are not just edible, but actually delicious and nutricous.

SO I searched out some recipes. We have produced nettle tea before, and it's never been popular- consumed on novelty rather than on taste. But Hugh Fernley Whittingstal came to our rescue, with a recipe that is totally delicious, and makes the sometimes organic taste of the nettle, unrecognisable beyond a delicious fresh leafy green veg.

So, if you're looking for a recipe that is cost effective, delicious, foragable, reduces your carbon footprint and also seasonal- look no further. Enjoy!


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