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Plastic Fish: Fishy plastic.

Updated: Apr 5, 2020

Sushi lovers of the world- UNITE 💪

The little sushi soy sauce fishies that you pick up with your sushi are one of the most commonly littered items that I find on the beaches and streets of MELBOURNE. I found 30 sushi fish on a single 200m of the popular eat street, Swan Street this week. A few months ago I found 15 of the little red caps on a tiny beach clean on Elwood Foreshore. I find them absolutely everywhere and have heaps of photos of the suckers.

They are used for literally seconds, containing millimetres of Soy, they are a potent waste of plastic. It is so crazy to have FISH shaped single use plastic as once out to sea... You guessed it.

Those little heads are lethal & frequent! It is estimated that by 2050 there will be more plastic than fish in the Sea. Fish are already ingesting plastic... want a side of plastic with your sushi?! Well you won’t have a choice soon.

Sushi doesn't seem so appetising suddenly?

But you can help, sushi lovers of the world you have a strong and powerful voice. Because it’s the responsibility of customers, shops AND producers to quit this polluting habit. It goes all the way up and includes you.

Customers: The best way to have a voice here is to refuse the single use soy fish. Drizzle your sushi before leaving the shop. Or better still simply take a seat and refuse all plastic or takeaway items and enjoy your sushi and 15 minutes to yourself. Support those sushi joints reducing their plastic usage. You can also easily reuse your little soy fish, but it's way better to just avoid the plastic fish altogether.

Sushi shops, stop serving soooo much plastic. Coffee shops get a lot of heat- and get ready for the blame to come to you guys. Prepare and begin your sustainability journey now. Charge extra for soy sauce fish, discounts for eating in, buying non plastic take away options or just stop serving plastic. It’s in fishy interest of the future. It's your responsibility to help your guests do the right thing.

Production companies- we need eco friendly alternatives for serving sushi soy sauce, please! Ideas?!

Beautiful Image from unsplash By working together we can do this!! Plastic is a global problem. You & I have a responsibility to protect each other and all of our fellow earth inhabitants from the plastic problem that threatens our planet.


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