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The End Of Year Notice

We're here! In 3 hours, I officially finish the year for Making Roots. I am officially setting a boundary for myself, of not working until the New Year. This year has been a hard year. It's been full of lessons, that I'm grateful for but I am also relieved for a new one!!

I love this work more than anything, and I would happily work over this period. But this year has been busy in every way- and it is necessary to rest. This is important not only to my health (mental and physical- I NEED a break) but also environmental. We don't need to hustle all the time. I want to enjoy the fruits of working and being able to relax. Christmas Day is also my birthday, so this is really the perfect time to put down the emails, put down the planning and writing and REST! I am planning on delving into my NON ecological related books (crime is normally my escape) play with the dogs, bake and simply be myself!!

The store is closed until early next year. I will let you know the official reopening soon.

If you need to contact me over the next 2 weeks, urgent enquiries, which I hope will not happen, please call (function on Instagram). Non urgent enquiries, please wait until after the 3rd January 2019 when I can respond properly- I will not be reading emails until the 3rd. I hope you can understand.

Next Year, we do hit the ground running, We are hosting a workshop, which I am very excited about on the 3rd January, we're launching the Community Fridge early January and I start my masters on the 6th January! Very exciting times indeed, even more so why I am excited to get some rest and be ready for the New Year.

Sending much love to you all, I hope you have a wonderful restful holiday period.



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