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My 5 Personal Favourite Plastic Free Life Hacks

I get asked increasingly what are my favourite plastic free life hacks. Those things I do that are a breeze, that others hope to recreate easily too. So here are my 5 favourites.

1) Menstrual Cup

Life changed for me, once I got the hang of the cup. It took a while, which is completely normal and absolutely fine, but now I'm there the cup has changed my life in a few ways.

- Saves me money. Tampons can be expensive, especially when travelling, and so I am relieved of that expensive.

- Helps with our bins. We have dry bins, and so tampons and towels wouldn't be ideal. I don't bin any menstrual products anymore.

- Is liberating, in a few ways. My period can be unpredictable, and so having the cup always in my bag, is incredibly handy. It's lightweight and reusable so I know if I get caught out when I'm away from home for a few nights, or at a conference all day, I don't need a backup. I have everything I need. It's also liberating from "the system" of having to buy more. I don't have to do those awkwardly timed shops for period products.

2) Shampoo Bar

We switched out to shampoo bars over a year ago now. Before that, we used enormous bottles from Sukin in Australia. When we first made the switch, we used Lush "Honey I washed my hair" for about 6 months. It was incredible! However now we've made the switch to Primal Suds, and I wash my hair a lot less than I used to. I wash my hair about 2 or 3 times a week. Its shinier, in better condition and easier to brush. Shampoo bars can take a little while to get used to if you use completely natural bars, but its a worthwhile swap. Especially handy for travelling.

3) Safety Razor

I was nervous about swapping to a safety razor, because I had heard they can be hard to use and easy to cut yourself. I use the Bambaw razor and I love it. It's everything I need, and considering I bought bulk razors last year, I won't be paying any hair removal related costs for years to come.... If you're considering the swap, read up about safety razors, how to use them (I am certainly slower and more mindful with shaving with the Bambaw razor).

4) Keep Cup

Such a basic swap, but one that has been SO useful over the course of more than 4 years. It's probably one that most people have, and that's been around the longest! We use ours for everything (wine camping is a must). We've had a few over the past few years. Including a few "bamboo" cups- and mostly we find bamboo don't last very long. Metal or glass is most hardwearing when cared for.

5) Sarong

A bit out there, right? But this is honestly one of my personal favourite items that I used to reduce plastic. Being nomadic and flying frequently in the past, a sarong is the most important thing I pack. Used as a blanket on the plane instead of blankets (save that single use plastic bag) as a blanket camping (just plain handy) as a strainer for nut milks (ONLY WHEN CLEAN) as a make shift bag, as a scarf, skirt, dress, towel. I can name many many more, and I even wrote a whole article about it!!

So here they are, my own top 5 plastic free hacks that I use and love. There are of course many other hacks, swaps and everyone will have different favourites. Comment below what you've found life changing!


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